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  • November22nd


    A quick photo recap of Halloween 2012… (all taken on my iphone, so sorry for the quality)

    The cutest ladybug in the house

    I searched the house for black tights, and of course found them two days after Halloween.

    Maryn nestled in for a nap with MaMa.

    Cousins and Best Buds

    Aunt Coco styled Grace’s hair in a true princess up-do.

    Grace never wavered in her decision to be Cinderella. Nor did Carter ever have doubts about being Luke Skywalker. When those two find an interest, they are passionate to the core.

    My brave Jedi knight

    One of my favorite things is when I catch Carter in full swing, practicing his Jedi skills with his light saber. One of these days, I’ll catch it on video.

    He engaged in a friendly battle at his school party. He was absolutely thrilled to have a “fighting” partner.

    Grace got to dress up again for her dance class’ Halloween party. I thought she’d never give up the role of Cinderella, but she recently had me step into the part and dance with Prince Charming (aka Daddy/Scott) at the ball! ūüôā

    I’m sure both of these costumes will make a reappearance at Disney World in March.

  • November12th


    Hello my dear prayer warriors!

    Thank you so much for your sweet comments and emails! ¬†I just got back from the doctor, and she is going to postpone the surgery. In fact, she is hoping we won’t have to have it! ¬†(Beware, some of the following details may not be for the faint-hearted.)

    The biopsy incision had opened up on Friday and drained a lot of what was in the abscess, so the dr was encouraged.  On the ultrasound, you could still see some fluid, but the abscess has shrunk a good bit.
    Because of the improvement, she decided to postpone the surgery. I had no idea how major of a surgery it is. She said an open wound takes 3 months to heal! Also, a nurse would have to come out to our home 3x/week, I guess for cleaning the wound and servicing the wound vac? ¬†I have no idea if insurance covers all that or not. In addition, she showed me where she would need to cut, and I would end up with a 5″ arc scar across my upper breast…which would be completely visible with a bikini top or even a v-neck shirt. I already have a 1.5″ place that will scar from the biopsy and where she opened me back up today.
    So today, she numbed me and cut back open the biopsy site and opened wider to see if we can drain the abscess even more. She didn’t really get any fluid out besides blood, so I hope it’s not trapped somewhere. ¬†Please please pray that the abscess will drain completely and that I will not have to have surgery. ¬†Please also pray that the opening i have right now will not become infected like last time. ¬†I feel so overwhelmed with the surgery, so I’m praying hard for healing. I will go back next Monday, and a decision will then be made.
    Thanks so much for praying with me. ūüôā
  • October5th

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    Dear Sweet Maryn,

    What changes this last month has brought! After multiple tries, you’ve changed your mind about the bouncy seat and decided you like it after all. ¬†Your eye and hand coordination now allows you to grasp the objects and swat them backward and forward.

    Speaking of your grasp, you can get quite a fistful of hair. I have to pry your fingers open to release my locks. Your hair has really grown in, and it’s dark brown. Just like your Aunt CoCo! Even your eyebrows have darkened. Your eyes continue to remain a blue/gray color like your brother’s.

    You’re beginning to giggle, and when you’re really excited, you take a sharp intake of breath, squeal and then bury your face in my ¬†neck. It’s adorable! You enjoy bathtime and find it quite entertaining to glimpse yourself in the mirror.

    You continue to grow rapidly, both in length and weight. In fact, you’re already wearing some 6-9 month pajamas and a few 6 mo outfits. I keep joking that you’ll catch up in size to Grace by next year.

    You enjoy lifting your legs up. In fact the move below is quite impressive. ¬†I certainly couldn’t do that these days.

    Discovering your hands has been an adventure for you in itself. You’ll study your hands for long periods of time, and so why not taste them? We thought you might take up thumbsucking. But it hasn’t stuck. You’re also a bit fickle with your pacifier.

    Because we’re on the go a alot, you spend some time in the Baby Bjorn. And you actually like it, unlike your big brother when he was a baby. ¬†I think you love looking around since I position you facing outward.

    When we think you couldn’t possibly get any cuter, you’ll flash a smile with eyes lit up. Or you’ll pump your legs with excitement. And we fall in love with you even deeper.

    Happy 4 months sweet baby girl!

  • September5th

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    Precious Maryn,

    War Eagle little one! You’ve entered your first college football season. If people aren’t remarking on your adorable grin, they’re certainly commenting on your many rolls. ¬†Your nighttime snacking has produced a healthy, chubby baby. People can’t believe that I’m exclusively breastfeeding you.

    All of your siblings love to play with you. But your big brother Carter wants to hold you whenever possible. ¬†He loves calling you “Ren Ren,” “Renny,” and “Baby cute cute.”

    I have a feeling you won’t ever have to worry about anyone bothering you. Carter will protect you and ¬†watch over you for many years to come.

    You’re still sleeping in your nap nanny, and probably will for another month or so. It has really helped you with any hints of reflux you once displayed. In fact, you barely spit up now. ¬†You’re also very alert. You can follow me across the room, and you’re able to focus in on objects. You typically like your activity mat, but your favorite place to be (other than in my arms) is the swing. If I’m gone and you can’t be calmed, the swing often does the trick.

    You’re definitely a momma’s girl, probably because I don’t put you down much. I could kiss you all day long! If I’m away from you for more than a couple of hours, I miss you. You’re my lil companion.

    I have felt some guilt at us being on the go all the time with your big siblings’ school schedules and activities. But you are laid-back and happy, only crying occasionally when I snap you (once again) into your carseat. ¬†You have a pitiful way of poking out your lower lip when you get upset, and breaks my heart and brings a giggle all at the same time.

    You’ve already made several trips to Lake Martin. Here is a picture of Papa holding you on Labor Day weekend. Papa has just retired and he is very excited about having more time to spend with his grandchildren. He’s pretty smitten with you.

    With your growth and new tricks, I don’t suppose I can call you a newborn any longer. Those days passed quickly, as I knew they would, and I treasured each one of them. You’re sleeping through the night most evenings. But even when you wake up for an extra feeding, I don’t mind. It’s fun to be up, just the two of us, with the house still and quiet. I can assure you ¬†that doesn’t happen often, as you’ll eventually learn. ¬†You’ve already perfected sleeping through the noise of shouting, piano and flute practices, and singing. ¬†You can count on a noisy household for years to come. And you can also count on getting lots of attention from your brother and sisters, your daddy, and me. We love you so much.

    Happy 3 months Maryn!

  • August17th


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