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This morning, I tearfully watched my youngest child pull the straps of her multi-colored, zebra-print backpack onto her shoulders and walk into the elementary school as a kindergartener.  Leading up to this big day, she and I read many books together to prepare her heart and mind for this big step.

The one story she wanted to hear repeatedly was I Love You All Day Long by Francesca Rusackas.  It’s a sweet, reassuring tale about how the momma pig’s love is with her piglet all day long, whether they’re together or apart.  She loves him even when he accidentally makes a mess, or trips over his shoelaces, or makes a mistake.  For my nervous, 5-year-old perfectionist, these were comforting thoughts.

I’ve spent the last few hours cleaning my kitchen and doing laundry.  Don’t be impressed….this is much more an issue of me being a control freak than a diligent housewife.  If I can’t do anything about how my child is doing at school, I’ll find something I can control. It’s my way of bringing chaos into order. Plus an orderly room makes me feel more peaceful.

As I pushed my Swiffer back and forth across the kitchen floors, I prayed that all four of my kids would remember throughout the day how loved they are.  I prayed that if they felt lonely, intimidated, insecure, or imperfect, that they would pull confidence from the truths and lessons we’ve tried to instill in them.  And just maybe, the little tale of a momma’s love would give them the quiet assurance they need to overcome their hesitations or fears.

The Lord used this same book as a sweet reminder to me this morning that He loves me all day long as well.

Even when I’m trying to control circumstances.

Or when I make a mess out of a situation.

Or in those moments that I doubt the goodness of His plans for me.

His constant and unconditional love settles my restless spirit and aching heart. And I’m reminded that just as He has equipped me for every good work, He has given my children everything they need for today.

I just looked up at my bulletin board and saw the verse Deuteronomy  31:8…. “The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.”  We don’t have to spend a moment apart from our Father! Regardless of where we’re headed or where we’ve come from.

I’m praying for you fellow mommas who sent your babies off to big school today!  We have loved our children well, and Jesus loves them greater still.  Let Him be your source of comfort and love today.



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