Gazing Upward



Hello my dear prayer warriors!

Thank you so much for your sweet comments and emails!  I just got back from the doctor, and she is going to postpone the surgery. In fact, she is hoping we won’t have to have it!  (Beware, some of the following details may not be for the faint-hearted.)

The biopsy incision had opened up on Friday and drained a lot of what was in the abscess, so the dr was encouraged.  On the ultrasound, you could still see some fluid, but the abscess has shrunk a good bit.
Because of the improvement, she decided to postpone the surgery. I had no idea how major of a surgery it is. She said an open wound takes 3 months to heal! Also, a nurse would have to come out to our home 3x/week, I guess for cleaning the wound and servicing the wound vac?  I have no idea if insurance covers all that or not. In addition, she showed me where she would need to cut, and I would end up with a 5″ arc scar across my upper breast…which would be completely visible with a bikini top or even a v-neck shirt. I already have a 1.5″ place that will scar from the biopsy and where she opened me back up today.
So today, she numbed me and cut back open the biopsy site and opened wider to see if we can drain the abscess even more. She didn’t really get any fluid out besides blood, so I hope it’s not trapped somewhere.  Please please pray that the abscess will drain completely and that I will not have to have surgery.  Please also pray that the opening i have right now will not become infected like last time.  I feel so overwhelmed with the surgery, so I’m praying hard for healing. I will go back next Monday, and a decision will then be made.
Thanks so much for praying with me. 🙂


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