Gazing Upward



A quick photo recap of Halloween 2012… (all taken on my iphone, so sorry for the quality)

The cutest ladybug in the house

I searched the house for black tights, and of course found them two days after Halloween.

Maryn nestled in for a nap with MaMa.

Cousins and Best Buds

Aunt Coco styled Grace’s hair in a true princess up-do.

Grace never wavered in her decision to be Cinderella. Nor did Carter ever have doubts about being Luke Skywalker. When those two find an interest, they are passionate to the core.

My brave Jedi knight

One of my favorite things is when I catch Carter in full swing, practicing his Jedi skills with his light saber. One of these days, I’ll catch it on video.

He engaged in a friendly battle at his school party. He was absolutely thrilled to have a “fighting” partner.

Grace got to dress up again for her dance class’ Halloween party. I thought she’d never give up the role of Cinderella, but she recently had me step into the part and dance with Prince Charming (aka Daddy/Scott) at the ball! 🙂

I’m sure both of these costumes will make a reappearance at Disney World in March.


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  • Comment by Bethany — December 3, 2012 @ 9:43 pm

    I am catching up with everything you all have been through over the past month and will pray for continued peace and healing! God bless you, but praise Him for nothing more serious!!! You poor thing!

    On the nursing front, I have also had to remove dairy and soy from my diet and what a sacrifice it has been. Yet I’ve also found a lot of freedom untying myself from my usual worship of food. I may end up sticking with no-dairy for good once breastfeeding is over. I have not felt this good in a long time!! Keep up the good work–every month gets a little easier!

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