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Dear Sweet Maryn,

What changes this last month has brought! After multiple tries, you’ve changed your mind about the bouncy seat and decided you like it after all.  Your eye and hand coordination now allows you to grasp the objects and swat them backward and forward.

Speaking of your grasp, you can get quite a fistful of hair. I have to pry your fingers open to release my locks. Your hair has really grown in, and it’s dark brown. Just like your Aunt CoCo! Even your eyebrows have darkened. Your eyes continue to remain a blue/gray color like your brother’s.

You’re beginning to giggle, and when you’re really excited, you take a sharp intake of breath, squeal and then bury your face in my  neck. It’s adorable! You enjoy bathtime and find it quite entertaining to glimpse yourself in the mirror.

You continue to grow rapidly, both in length and weight. In fact, you’re already wearing some 6-9 month pajamas and a few 6 mo outfits. I keep joking that you’ll catch up in size to Grace by next year.

You enjoy lifting your legs up. In fact the move below is quite impressive.  I certainly couldn’t do that these days.

Discovering your hands has been an adventure for you in itself. You’ll study your hands for long periods of time, and so why not taste them? We thought you might take up thumbsucking. But it hasn’t stuck. You’re also a bit fickle with your pacifier.

Because we’re on the go a alot, you spend some time in the Baby Bjorn. And you actually like it, unlike your big brother when he was a baby.  I think you love looking around since I position you facing outward.

When we think you couldn’t possibly get any cuter, you’ll flash a smile with eyes lit up. Or you’ll pump your legs with excitement. And we fall in love with you even deeper.

Happy 4 months sweet baby girl!

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