Gazing Upward



Well, I held off on sharing the speculation on my condition until I knew the diagnosis. This afternoon, lab results confirmed that I have obstetric cholestasis which is a rare condition that has to do with the liver.  Complications for the baby (stillbirth, intrauterine growth issues, etc.) and mom (hemorraging during delivery) aren’t necessarily common but do happen, so babies are usually delivered as early as possible after diagnosis.  My main symptom had been severe itching (I have scratched my body raw in the last week to the point of tiny scabs and scratches everywhere) due to high bile acid levels entering the bloodstream. Anyway, my doctor called around 4 pm to say that we need to deliver tomorrow.

So baby Brown will make his/her arrival very soon! I am scheduled to arrive at the hospital in the morning at 6 am. We covet your prayers for a smooth delivery and for protection over the baby until birth.  I had been warned that pitocin can make natural delivery much more painful, so please pray that I can endure it.  I’ll keep y’all posted!

Oh, and I answered some of the nursery questions in a comment in post below.

Much love,


P.S. All three kiddos are really excited about baby Brown arriving tomorrow. Carter did a little giddy dance and then laid his hands on my tummy and said, “Let’s open it now!” (like the baby is wrapped up like a present)  Love his innocence and excitement!


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