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Highlights from Maryn’s first 2 1/2 weeks….

Sam (Scott’s Dad) meets Maryn

In GramMe’s (Scott’s mom’s) arms

Cuddling with Aunt JuJu (Scott’s sister, Julie)

Meeting Aunt CoCo (my sister, Courtney) and GrandMary (my mom)…My dad (Papa) will meet his newest granddaughter next weekend, and he can hardly stand the wait!

Uncle Ivan and Aunt CoCo

Heading home from the hospital on Thursday, June 7th

First day home…snoozing in the bassinet

Even her newborn clothes were huge on her!

Carter colored this picture for Maryn and placed it in her crib. Both little ones have loved making artwork and wrapping gifts (aka, toys and other items they aren’t using) for their baby sister. Carter actually came out of their closet with a pair of Grace’s dress up shoes and said, “You don’t wear these anymore, do you Grace?”

Daddy and Maryn at one week old

Proud big brother

On Saturday, June 16th, Maryn’s actual due date, we had family/newborn photos done by my friend and incredibly talented photographer, Heather Knowles.  Here are a couple of images she emailed, and I’ll post some more once I get the disc with all the pictures. You can also see a sneak peek collage on Heather’s website/blog.  She also got a much better picture of the nursery than what I took a few weeks ago. (And by the way, thanks to you sweet readers who pinned the nursery pics on Pinterest! When I found out, I was giddy at the idea of anyone thinking it pinterest-worthy. :))

I love that Heather captured this moment below…the littles can’t get enough of kissing their baby sister.

And I love Maryn’s sweet expression and her crossed hands in this photo. Have I mentioned I’m in love?

After pictures, Maryn met her Uncle Stuart (Scott’ twin) and Aunt Noelle.

At her 2-week checkup, Maryn had gained 11 ounces and grew 1/2″! She may have little bird legs, but the frequent “snacking” is putting on the weight somewhere!

 So at 7 lb 14 oz and 21.5″ long, Maryn is 90% in length and 50% in weight.

In the picture below, she is 2 1/2 weeks…and she is already looking less like a newborn and more like a growing baby. We’re treasuring these sweet days!


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