Gazing Upward



Today, Maryn is one week old. And I’ve been sentimental all day.  Part of me wishes we could go back and do last Tuesday all over again.  With her being our last baby, and having waited so long for this incredible gift, I have a feeling I’m going to have difficulty with time passing. I want to freeze this stage for awhile because the newborn phase passes so very quickly!

I appreciate all of your sweet comments, especially about our baby girl’s name.  We’ve had a lot of people ask how we’re pronouncing the name, so I thought I’d answer that here and give some background on how we arrived at her name.

I went to high school with a girl named Maryn and always thought it was a beautiful name.  And it also somewhat resembles my mom’s name, Mary Lynn, and I loved the idea of honoring my mom in that way.  We also chose Elizabeth for the same reason…to honor Scott’s mom (who goes by Libby).

While the most common pronunciation of Maryn is MARE-in (rhymes with Karen), the Maryn I went to school with pronounced her name with the accent on the end…Ma-RYN (rhymes with Corinne).  We actually love both and joke that we may just see which pronunciation sticks. But we’re mostly calling her Ma-RYN since it sounds most like my mom’s name.

As you can see from the picture, our Maryn pillow came in and I just love how it adds pops of color to the nursery. Some of you had been concerned that the seller on Etsy posted a picture of a Maryn pillow and thought she might have ruined the surprise for us. So let me clarify that she had made that pillow for another friend.  When I first found her Etsy store, I about fell off my bed when I saw the pillow with our “girl name,” given it’s so uncommon, and especially with it spelled the same way. When I contacted the seller to place my order, she said that her friend had combined her grandmother’s names to come up with Maryn.  I remember thinking that maybe it was a sign I was having a girl by seeing that pillow! 🙂  Anyway, rest assured that no surprise was ruined.

I am working on writing out Maryn’s birth story and hope to post soon.  I don’t want to forget a single detail! (But don’t worry, I’ll spare you some of them.) 🙂  Thank you so much for celebrating the blessing of our daughter with us!


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