Gazing Upward



I began this post a month ago, so it’s about time I publish it. Here are some updates on the kiddos.

  • She is still enjoying school and earned all A’s on her 9-week report card! She’s not retaining the information though, so I’m keeping up with all the curriculum so we can review/relearn this summer.
  • We had a few difficult weeks during which I began worrying that she may have attachment disorder. However, after talking with beloved attachment therapist and expert Leigh Ann Harrington, I was assured that Caroline is right where most kids should be at the 4-month mark. Leigh Ann reminded me that it takes much longer than 4 months to build trust, and Caroline doesn’t yet have the capacity to love us back the way we hope because she’s still enduring so much grief and change .
  • In a wonderful turn, Caroline has been very warm, engaging, and helpful during the last few weeks. I think the Thanksgiving holidays were a turning point because we had so much family time. She seems more content and receptive now. And she even voluntarily helped me stuff and stamp Christmas cards!
  • My little boy seems to be growing up. He is at such a delightful age, and he’s become very affectionate and thoughtful. My heart melts at each of his impromptu “I love you’s.”
  • He loves to copy Caroline. If she’s sitting at the counter doing homework, he climbs up next to her with his own notepad and pen. If she writes, he writes. If she reads, he reads. If she hops up for a bathroom break, so does Carter.
  • He may become our little orphan advocate. At least a few times a week, he proclaims that he’s leaving for China to get Grant (simply a name we like that he’s picked up on). The age of “Grant” changes, but Carter always explains that he’s a boy who doesn’t have a mommy or daddy. Oh how my heart melts that Carter longs to be a brother to an orphan!
  • Carter told Scott one morning that he wasn’t scared because he was a superhero. The next day, he was pitching a fit and whining. So in a strategic parenting tactic (so I thought), I told him that superheroes don’t whine or fuss. I fully expected him to straighten up and run for his cape. But to my astonishment, Carter claimed in defiance, “Well I guess I’m not a superhero after all.”


  • Grace has really gotten into board games and loves to play Candy Land or Chutes and Ladders.
  • She asks to watch her adoption video at least once a week. And she’ll often say to me or to others, “I was a baby and my mommy and daddy came to get me in China!”
  • She likes to be right by my side whenever I’m getting ready. So she has been watching me give myself shots every day for my pregnancy. She helps by counting to 3. However, sometimes I chicken out and take a few more minutes to actually perform the injection. One morning, I was feeling particularly whimpy. And this is how Grace’s dialogue went: “One….two….three!! One…….two……..THREE!! One…two…three….four….FIVE!!!!” (slight pause)…. POKE IT!!!!!!!” (in a loud and exasperated voice) Scott and I were so tickled that we’ve replayed this scene almost every day since.
  • Baby #4 is almost 13 weeks! In our last ultrasound, he/she was literally doing somersaults. Last week was my last appointment with our specialist because they’ve released me to my normal obgyn (whom we love!). It’s an exciting milestone, but I’ll sure miss my weekly ultrasounds.


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