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I found these sweet devotionals last week and had to share. Sweet Dreams Princess and Goodnight Warrior, by Sheila Walsh, provide a precious nightly ritual which includes a brief Bible story, a related devotion, and then a prayer, praise, or promise. While the devotions aren’t very indepth or original, the wording is age-appropriate and captivates my little ones.

Just a warning that both books are almost exactly the same in that they have the same biblical stories. But they cater toward boy or girl (oops, sorry….warrior or princess) in the devotion part. The author had my son at the word “warrior.” I actually like this format because I can read the story just once to both kids, and then I can spend special time with each one on the devotion. It’s a great way to wind them down before bed and bring their thoughts back to the God who loves them. The difference in the content of their prayers is amazing.
Oh, and a fun little bonus….the warrior cover glows in the dark!

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