Gazing Upward



Gotcha Day has been amazing! This day has been such an answer to prayers and I’m so thankful for all of your encouraging messages. Today went so much better than I imagined. When we first saw LiYun, she immediately reached out to hug me and Scott, and then went to pick Grace up. She has been so great with the kids, reaching for their hands and braiding Grace’s hair. Grace and Carter seemed shy at first but they have warmed up and are loving being with LiYun now. She is very affectionate, even linked arms with me on the way to dinner. The amazing thing is that she is already calling us mommy and daddy! She told our guide David that she is very happy. We know she’s nervous but she’s doing so great. She called her foster parents tonight and David told us she told them, “my mommy and daddy are great.” She brought some books and a photo album along with her. And we learned that she loves to cook. She does know some English, and she loved the clothes we got her. In just these few short hours, we’ve seen how very thoughtful and helpful she is. She seems very excited, and we’re so thankful for that. We found out that her foster parents’ only child gets married tomorrow morning. It is happening at the same time as when we go sign adoption papers, so we will not be able to go. However, we will get to meet the foster family.

I’m sorry this is coming out so late. I have received several emails and I’m thinking many of you have been worried. My apologies. LiYun just asked me through the electronic translator, as I was uploading pictures, if we don’t like to talk. So, I can’t concentrate on the blog when I need to be with her, but I will write more later! I just wanted to get this post up quickly. Thank you again for all the prayers. We received so many emails and messages of people who were praying in the middle of the night. Please know how thankful we are. Today was so much better than we could have imagined. Enjoy the pictures …


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